Oldtimer market attracts scammers

That the classic car business is a billion-dollar market, organized clans have long since discovered this business for themselves. But numerous small fraudsters are also in this market. That’s why it’s important to be extra careful here. That’s why we recommend that you check the seller as much as possible. Ask for information from the seller as much as possible. Search the Internet for information and compare the vehicle images in the network.
The world is now so well networked that you should always be skeptical when you get offered a supposed bargain. Every seller knows the market prices and no one has something to give away. That’s why the greatest caution applies here.
We’ll help you.
Here is a current example from the net.
This Buick Riviera is offered in the Los Angeles area for a bargain price of $ 10,000. Upon request you will be asked to pay a deposit to hold the car.

But a simple picture research in the net shows the following result. The car was sold a few months earlier in Illinois for 46,000 USD. The scammers have copied the pictures and the article description and put them on the net.