Car inspection

Vehicle inspection in USA

You have found a vehicle and would like to receive objective statements about the vehicle in addition to the seller information?

The following questions usually arise:
Is this vehicle really available?
Are the seller information credible?

We offer a personal inspection services for vehicles. Our vehicle scouts visit the vehicle, taking between 100 and 200 detailed pictures of the vehicle.

If possible, videos are also made. In any case, a test drive of at least 10 minutes will be made. Expect a detailed documentation and description of the vehicle. Obvious and hidden defects are explicitly pointed out. Depending on the scope, you will also receive a multi-page log, with which our employee carries out a review in a kind of checklist.

Please note, however, that we can not give any guarantee / guarantee for completeness. Furthermore, it is a snapshot, usually without technical helps such as a lift etc. However, our staff strives to give you the best possible picture of the vehicle.
Please also understand that we are not here to make you a vehicle tasty. Rather, we want to save you from a bad buy. That we succeed, we strive for a relentless love of detail and try to show you as many shortcomings as possible.

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